Electronic Powered Stretcher

Part of the new ambulance Warren Township so generously bought us is an electronically power stretcher, or as we simply refer to it, “Power Cot”. It is a Stryker PowerPRO XT and uses electronic motors and sensors to gently and steadily lift patients up to 700lbs and easily slide them into our ambulance.

Below is a video showing how simply it can be used and deployed. This allows us not only to quickly and easily move patients, which helps makes their trips to the hospital smoother and faster, but also proactively prevents the most common type of injuries EMS providers face which come from improperly lifting. Since everything is now done electronically through motors, our patients are more easily served and everyone’s safety is greatly improved, and that is what we care about the most.

If you would like to donate specifically to helping us pay for this device, please click on the image below to donate safely and securely through PayPal today!

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All donations made to the Warren Township Rescue Squad, a 501(c)3 corporation, are fully tax-deductible. After donating through PayPal, they will provide to your chosen email the necessary tax documents.

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