Old Rig 3 Donation

On January 10th, 2017, we donated our old Rig 3 to the Elberon First Aid Squad down by the Jersey Shore. Our old Rig 3, which the new ambulance given to us by the Township will be replacing, was originally purchased back in the ’80s.

It has served as our primary ambulance for many years and in its final time was the primary ambulance we would use for staffing standbys and other special events. We are pleased to be donating it to the Elberon First Aid Squad which needs it more than we do. They run 24/7 serving a community of 15,000 people and only had one ambulance, until now.

Representatives from the Elberon First Aid Squad give Warren Township Deputy Mayor Victor Sordillo a certificate of appreciation for the donation

The Warren Township Rescue Squad chose to donate our old Rig 3 once we found out that we would be given a new on by our Town. This donation would not have been possible without what Warren Township is doing for us.

We are happy to have found such a needing squad and we hope that this donation make a huge impact for not only their Town, but also their patients.


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