About Us

Welcome to the new website for the Warren Township Rescue Squad!

The Warren Township Rescue Squad was formed and formally incorporated in July of 1940 by a select group of residents who wanted to give something back to their town. Ever since it was formed, only shortly after the first Warren Township Fire Company was formed in 1909, it has remained all volunteer, as has our Fire Department.

Over our 75 year history we have been adapting and evolving. We have had various membership categories come and go, we have seen our original car-like Cadillac ambulances been replaced by Ford and Horton super duty trucks, our communications equipment has been improved from simple one-way communication to all-encompassing two-way radios, and most importantly, our protocols and supplies have improved dramatically from basic first aid to finely-tuned medical and trauma protocols with specific equipment to use for every scenario we might encounter.


The Rescue Squad hasn’t just spent time getting facelifts all those years; what we’ve done has changed, too. We have grown from serving just the Township to having mutual aid agreements with other local squads. We sent crews into New York during 9/11 and other major disasters. We send crews out for standbys at High School and local football games, and public and private events. The Warren Rescue Squad also partners with other charities in Town to run shelters during blizzards and storms such as Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene.

We do much more than just answer your 911 calls. If you would like to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how you can help, navigate the buttons at the top of the screen to the page that will answer your questions or, just contact us. We always love hearing from you.

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