If you would like to get in contact with us for any reason such as requesting us for a special event or have a question for us or would just like to leave a comment, feel free to stop by or to contact us through the form right here. We love hearing from our residents so go right ahead and tell us/ask what is on your mind!

If you would like to give us something or speak to us in person, feel free to come visit us any weekday after 6:00 PM or during the weekend at:

6 Bardy Road
Warren, NJ 07059

If you would like to mail or send us anything, please direct it to our PO Box:

Warren Township Rescue Squad, Inc.
PO Box 4306
Warren, NJ 07059


In addition to the means above, feel free to call us at (908) 753-2477 for any comments, concerns, or questions you might have. If you want to contact us about an emergency or you have an urgent medical need for an ambulance, do not contact us through here; get a phone and dial 911 immediately!

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